This message was sent by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama to all KYOKUSHIN PRACTITIONERS AROUND THE WORLD AND IS STILL VALID TODAY” 

We are a strong organization that maintains the same belief, purpose, and idea without consideration of the frontier, race, or religion.  Together we choose our own destiny, and we even consider ourselves as one big family, because of this I decided to send this call out to all of you.

These days, the egoism, synonymous with individualism, the licentiousness, and the indolence instead of liberty are the common denominator between the youth well fed and well dressed in some liberal countries. The immorality goes on (advance) and the decency becomes relaxed.

Not only the spirit but also the body has been damaged because of the bad habits people have to choose their food, which have to depend on preservatives in order to preserve their food.  This inclination (tendency) are more notorious on places called developed countries.  On the other side, there are countries like the ones in Africa where they do not have even the guarantee of a bite of food, as a consequence they become exposed to famine.

From the national point of view, we can observe some countries taking advantage of others for their own benefit.  We know that antagonism of Ideology, races, and religions exists in this world. Unfortunately, it looks like we have a long way to go before we can establish peace in this world. I as a Budoka and one who has dedicated my life to Karate, cannot avoid being deeply concern about these phenomena.

Then, how we can arm our spirit? This can be done by Kyokushin Karate, with their spirit and ideology, to become a reasonable human being. There is no witness if there is not tangible proof, not credibility if we do not have any evidence, not respect if we do not have a belief.

The ideology of Kyokushin Karate puts emphasis on the family and our homes. In other words, the essence of Kyokushin spirit is “Bend your head and raise your eyes, keep your mouth closed and free your mind, as a starting point you should serve other with filial humility “. “Bend your head and raise your eyes” mean that you must be ambitious, but always be modest with your words and your behaviour. “Keep your mouth closed and free your mind” mean that you must not show too much your own feeling and be generous to others. You should be friendly and make diligent effort, also be honest in everything you do. “With filial humility as a starting point” mean that this filial humility toward your parents is the centre of everything. This loyalty will allow you to be modest, respect the sky, believe in God, be humble with your parents, trust on your friendship, and respect your teachers, all of this will drive you to love your home, your city of birth, and your country. “Serve others” mean that you must contribute to the people around you, in others words contribute to society. This also mean be loyal to your country.

I would like to emphasize that there is no other than the spirit of Kyokushin that could save this confused world of today. I have travelled abroad 280 times in the past, to spread, to teach, and compete in Karate. Thanks to those visits and the cooperation of the Branch Chiefs in charge of each country of the world, the Kyokushin Karate has become a big organization of 12 million of adepts in 123 countries, the number is not small. We are a well-organized organization and we can consider ourselves like a big state.

I am very anxious with respect to the end of this century. We should eliminate the crisis of the war and make a healthy and peaceful world. I am sure you will understand my feeling. I would like to request you to make all the effort possible, in your own countries to obtain a real peace on this planet.


International Karate Organization KYOKUSHINKAIKAN