Well done to Reyaansh Sinha who won 2nd place at his first karate Tournament, age 8-9 category in the Kyokushin Cup 2023, The 8th All UK Open Karate Tournament which was held in Scotstoun Leisure Centre, Glasgow on 2nd April 2023.

Children have recently taken part in their first grading exams at Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo.  Children’s grading was carried out by Sempai Yijun Dong the assistant Instructor of the SBKR Honbu.
The 44th British Open
Rehan Fernando became 3rd place at his first big event was held in Crawly, England on 1-11.2022
Kyokushin Cup The 7th All UK Open Karate Tournament organised by Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate the United Kingdom which was held in Glasgow on 3rd April 2022

Saturday and Monday at 4.30 pm.

Starting soon! Please contact us by email to discuss the availability for the children’s class.
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Christmas holidays

The last training session will be Wednesday 20th December 2017

Training starts back on 8th January 2018.

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Saturday and Monday at 4.30 pm.

Please contact us by email to discuss the availability for the children’s class.


Congratulations to Sathmi Fernando for her excellent performance at the 41st British Open which was held in K-2 Crawley, England. She won 2nd place in Cadet Girl’s heavyweight at the largest full contact Karate Tournament in the United Kingdom. The British Open was hosted by the IFK/British Kyokushinkai and approximately 180 competitors from the 16 countries participated in the event.

8-03-2017 Congratulations to all Children who attempted their next belts and passed:

Rui Jorge Eduardo – 10th Kyu
George Scott – 10th Kyu
Ivor Scott – 10th Kyu
Jesse Yang – 9th Kyu
Jay Yang – 9th Kyu


Christmas holiday dates
The last training session will be Wednesday 14th December.
Training starts back on 4th January 2017.



“Kids Karate ” at the Knightswood Community Centre, Knightswood  will be starting on 9th November  2016 at 5.30 pm 

Learning the lessons that Karate will teach them at an early age will serve them better because they will not have a chance to pick up any negative habits or behaviours, and if they already have, taking Karate at Martial Arts Principles will nip that in the bud right away!

We offer Amazing Karate Classes for Ages 6-13
In a Fun, Friendly, Safe Environment. The Dojo has a dedicated Black Belt Instructor, enhanced CRB disclosures.

Please contact for more information: 07422943308

Email: budo.karate@yahoo.com

Dojo Children’s Christmas party  was held on 14th December 2015 


Winners of the Junior Karate Tournament was held on 23 May 2015

Kata Open(Under 12)     
1st Rehan Fernando
2nd Sergio Natache
3rd Charlotte Brierley
4th Myrim Natche

 Kumite(Under 8 Boys)
1st Rehan Fernnado
2nd Daniel Brierley
3rd Alasdair Moir

 Kumite(Under 12 Boys)
1st Sergio Natche
2nd Matthew McKnight

 Kumite(Under 12 Girls)
1st Charlotte Brierley
2nd Emma O Brien


Sergio Natache  (8th Kyu) from the Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo won 1st place in the Edinburgh Open Karate Tournament which was held on 16th May 2015, Edinburgh

junior tournament 2015

Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, Glasgow on 23 May 2015 at 10.30
64 Balmoral Street
Glasgow G14 0BL

The event is organised by Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo and the event benefit local charities, CHILDREN 1st Scotland Royal Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children.


Children’s Christmas party 2014

Saiko Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa special Karate training seminar for the children at the Scotstoun Community centre on 21st April 2014 

Well done, to all the children in years 7 and 12 who took part in the Kyokushin Junior tournament in Lochgilphead was on 27th October 2013

KIDS KARATE first Children grading test at the Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo in 2013