British Open 2023

7th October 2023, K2 Leisure Centre, Crawly

The 45th British Open 2023 – Inc IFK Cup of Europe Men’s Veteran event was represented by Shihan Prasanna Fernando. He fought very well and lost his first match in the second round but we mention here that his participation in this big event is an example and an encouragement to all Karate practitioners. Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate greatly appreciates his participation and is very grateful. Special thanks to Mr. Grzegorz Wolnik who supported Shihan Prasanna by sponsoring this event.

We are very much grateful to Shihan David Pickthall, President of British Kyokushinkai hosting the Championship, and also thanks to all the referees, judges, and officials for their hard work.


Secretary, SBKR Kyokushin Karate Honbu