Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai International 

Official Kyu and Dan Grading Syllabus

Our Kyokushin Karate curriculum follows the syllabus taught by the Founder of Kyokushinkaikan Sosai Masutatsu Oyama who developed a systematic and realistic fighting syllabus grounded in Budo philosophy and his front-line students.
The syllabus provides a learning roadmap for all students of all grades. Promotions or gradings are held four times a year at which point students who qualify are given the opportunity to attempt grading.
Qualification to grade is based on the following:
Time spent on each level (typically a minimum of 3-6 months from 10th to 6th Kyu, 6 months 6th to 1st Kyu)
Achieving a minimum of 85% attendance from the previous grading (a minimum of 95% attendance is required from 4th Kyu – green belt and above)
Competence in all aspects of the syllabus for the level required.

Kyu and Dan’s syllabus includes the following:

  • Written Examination
  • Kihon (Basic Strikes, Kicks and Thrusts, Brown Belt applicants must be able to instruct the class in these areas)
  • Ido Geiko (moving techniques)
  • Renraku(Combinations)
  • Sanbon Kumite (three-step fighting drills)
  • Ippon Kumite (one-step fighting drills)
  • Goshin Jitsu (self-defense)
  • Kata (all Kyokushin Kata as per Honbu Japan Instruction).
  • Kata Bunkai(application)
  • Tamashiwari (Board braking)
  • Kumite (proficiency in fighting for the level required – some Tournament experience required)

ALL grading registrations and payments must be taken care of ONE FULL WEEK before the grading.

Please contact Honbu for the payment and registration of Dan Examinations.