Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo will be hosting Kumite Workshop with Sensei Stephen MacCann, Shihan Iain Rodger, Shihan Metin Tuncay Sensei Mirek Pawlicki and Sensei Prasanna Fernando. 

This workshop keiko is a open for any Full Contact Karate Organization looking to find the edge in their Kumite; it will consist of several exercises aimed to develop zoning and footwork, Uke waza, Count attack techniques as well as putting the exercises into practice with some free sparring towards the end of the training. 

Where: Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo,Glasgow  

Date:  Saterday,16th April 2013 

Time:   4.00-6.00 P.M 

Cost: free of charge 


( Mits, Shin guards, Growing guard, Mouth guard and Chest guards etc: ) 

Everyone are welcome.