The Swedish Sokyokushin Summer Camp held in Gavle,Stockholm in Sweden from 1st August to 4th August 2013 was a great success. President of the World Sokyokushin Saiko-Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa (8th Dan) was the guest instructor.

 During this 4 days seminar was practiced Kyokushin Karate Kumite thought by Hasegwawa Shihan and his Kumite style and teaching is phenomenal and it was amazing camp.    There were about 70 participants from Belgium,Finland,United Kingdom and Sweden. The Sokyokushin United Kingdom Organisation represented by Sensei Prasanna Fernando in this event.Organizer of the camp was Shihan Robert Wiklund and Wiklund Dojo Sweden. We’d like to thank the organizer  Shihan Robert and his Dojo members. Osu!