The Senshi Do Open Junior Kata and Kumite Tournament will be held on 27th October in the Mid Argyll Sports Centre, Lochgilphead, and Argyll to be hosted by the IKKU Scotland Organization by Shihan Ian Rodger.
There will be two types of events for competitors to participate: Kata & Kumite and the following will represent our Corpus Christy Kids Dojo in Senshi Do Open Juniors and Cadets Championships: We thank the Organizer of the Dojo Mr. Bill and parents. Osu!

Alasdair Moir: under 8 Kata and Kumite
Robert Scobie: 8-10 Kata and Kumite
Emma O Brien: 8-10 Kata and Kumite
Chrlotte Brierley: 8-10 Kata and Kumite
Matthew McKnight: 8-10 Kata and Kumite
Sathmi Fernando: 12-13 Kata and Kumite