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Belgium Kyokushin Karate Summer Camp was held in 13th-15th July 2012. The three days camp was attended by 60 Karate-ka trained under the supervision of Shihan Shigeru Tabata (7th Dan) of Sosai Oyama’s Uchi-Deshi from Kyokushinkaikan Japan and well-known fighter Sensei Raul Strikker of the Belgium. This seminar was opened to all Kyokushin Karate groups and in general it was dedicated to standardizing of traditional Kyokushin Karate Kihon, Ido, Kata, Kumite and Referee training course.

In this occasion Sensei Fernando was so honoured to meet the Shihan Roel Wildeboer(6th Dan) of Netherland Branch chief , Shihan George Kolovos of Australian branch chief, Sensei Dietmar Danisch of Germany Branch chief Sensei Farhat of Libyan Branch Chef and Sensei Vera Shichinohe of Japan .

Organiser of the event was Belgium Kyokushin Union leaded by Sensei Koen de Backker. Belgium Kyokushin Union’s hospitality was tremendous and the friendliness of the Instructors and students added to the enjoyment of the camp.