Request for sponsorship for the Kyokushin Cup – Glasgow Open Karate Tournament on 26th September 2015

  We are pleased to inform you that the 2nd Kyokushin Cup Open Karate Tournament will be held in Glasgow at the Arc Gym, Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturday 26th September 2015.
This Tournament will be attended by competitors from the UK, Europe and worldwide including Japan. It will consist of a Kumite and a Kata Tournament, both with the highest standard of Karate on display. The Kumite Tournament will be separated into and women’s and men’s divisions and separate weight categories and we will be selecting the top three competitors in each category.
We are seeking corporate sponsorship to support the event and have the following sponsorship options available:
 1) Sponsorship for the winners’ trophies for both divisions
Seven 1st place trophies:    
Seven 2nd place trophies:   
Seven 3rd place trophies     
Seven 4th place trophies     
 Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for the top 28 competitors
High quality certificates for the top 28 competitors
 2) The opportunity to display your company banner of any size at the event   
 3) An advertisement in our official Tournament program:                         
Back page:             
Inside cover:          
Full page:                  
Half page:                
 4) Hall hire for the event £——, you may display your company banner of any size.                   
 5) Sponsorship of the official Tournament wrist bands worn by all attendance with your company
6) Any donations of items from your company/personally for the Tournament winners or all participants.

Please contact us for more information:

Jonathan Mendoza
Dojo Sertetry