Latest updates!


There will be no teaching like previously and instructions will not b given. The instructor will display the chart on the wall to follow.

Maximum 6 students in the class. (No instructions are given as a group class) Training should include the importance of social distancing (maintaining 2 meters or more when possible)

No admission for new members.

Under 17 class will be on as usual and only 6 or less people can train and

Everyone must maintain social distance guidance under tire 3 Scottish government rules.

New members under 17 are welcome!

New Timetable for individual training

  • Monday and Thursday at 6 30 to 8 pm – Individual training  
  • Tuesday at 6.30 Children class

Wednesday Kickboxing class is canceled until further notice.

This new timetable is intended to help our members understand and follow the new approach to Coronavirus restrictions under tier 3, keeping themselves and others safe and reducing transmission of the virus.

  • No sparring, partner-work or close-up partner stretching
  • No kick shields or focus mitts in the dojo for the time being
  • Refrain from using a kiai
  • Wash hands before and after class
  • No shaking hands in the dojo
  • Keep safe social distance from others in the class

If you are feeling unwell then please stay home and rest.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Osu!