Congratulations to Multiple World Champion Takuma Kouketsu on becoming the 2016 World  Champion!

Takuma Kouketsu(Japan) The invincible Champion.

The winner of the 2nd and 3rd World Championships in 2008 and 2012,Japan.

The winner of the 38th,40th,42nd,43rd,45th and 46th All Japan Champion.

He is the current heavy weight  World Karate champion at the 1st So-Kyokushin World Open Karate Tournament which was held in Shizuoka,Japan on 22,23 October 2016.

Sensei Takuma Kouketsu proud student of the Hanshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa(Kyokushinkaikan Hasegawa Dojo)

Heartiest congratulations to Sensei Takuma Kouketsu & Hanshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa. Osu!

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Takuma Kouketsu & his teacher Hanshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa(9th Dan)