Kyokushin Cup 2016

The 3rd All UK Open Karate Tournament in Weight Divisions

Men’s Woman’s and Junior’s Kata & Kumite
Date: 9th April 2016
Venue: Arc Gym, Caledonian University
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom


Organisation: Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo, Kyokusinkaikan Sokyokushin United Kingdom 


The aim of the Kyokushin Cup 2016 is to promulgate the need to create awareness and to develop universal brotherhood among the Full Contact Karate fraternity and strive for the development of Kyokushin Karate –do
In this regard, we solicit your kind co-operation in making this event a grand success.
Thank you














The rules will be the International Knock Down standard competition by the rules of International Karate Organization Kyokusinkaikan.

The minimum age for adult competitors must be 18 years on or before the day of competition and competitors must be at least 8th Kyu grade to be eligible to compete.

 Fighters will be divided into following weight classes:

Fighters will be divided into following weight classes:


Lightweight – Under 70kg
Middleweight – 70 to Under 80kg
Heavyweight – Over 80kg


Woman (2 weight category)

Under 65 kg
Over 65 kg
Each Kumite shall last 3 minutes

If no decision in favour of either opponent is made by the 4 judges and the referee, and then the referee will authorize an extension, such extension to be limited to  2x2minutes duration. 

Protective equipment: Groin guard, Shin guard for men and inner Body protection for Women (Ladies chest guard)
All supports or pads must be made of cloths or cotton. No other material will be accepted.
All participants (juniors and Adults) must wear a Karate gi (a plain white Karate uniform)

There will be Kata Tournament  held under following categories:

3 categories

Under 13, Age  14-17 and  over 18 (Rules attached)

 Junior, Cadets Tournament (Girls and Boys)

Age 7-17 years

Kyokushin Kumite rules.

Rounds for juniors will be 1.5 minutes with maximum 2 x 1-minute extensions. In the final bout of each division, if no decision is clear after the second 1-minute extension, unlimited extensions of 1 minute each shall continue until a decision is made.

Junior Kumite Age categories

Age: 7, 8
Age: 9, 10
Age: 11, 12, 13
Age: 14, 15

Cadets Kumite Age categories

Age: 16, 17  Cadets

Compulsory protective equipment for the Junior Tournament:

  • Hand mitts
  • Shin guards
  • Groin guard
  • Head guards
  • Body armour – under 13 years old
  • No body armour -for over 14-17  years old (inner Body protection for Women/ladies chest guard)

*All supports (Mitts or Shin pads) must be made of cloths or cotton. No other material will be accepted.

*All participants (juniors and Adults) must wear a Karate gi (a plain white Karate uniform).


For the Instructors:

I confirm all competitors detailed above have valid licences and insurance. I understand the Kyokushin knockdown Karate rules that will apply to this Tournament. I understand that my competitors enter this competition at their own risk and by doing so agree to absolve the Organisers of any claims which may arise due to injury / loss / damage of their personal property however caused. The Organisers reserve the right to change any categories on the day.

Registration of all fighters 9.30 am, Tournament starts at 10:30 am. Application fee £10
Spectators and family ticket are available on a day. Price: Adults 10.00, Children £5.00, family £ 22.00 (2 adults and 2 children)
Please transfer the participant’s fee to the Dojo account:
Name of the Account: KYOKUSHIN EVENTS
Account Number: 75645062
Sort Code: 87-37-99
*Please note: Tournament entry fees are nonrefundable

Application: till 30th of March 2016 on:

Please contact for more information:
Prasanna Fernando
Tournament Committee