The 37th British Open Karate Tournament was held on 16th November, 2013 at the K2 Crawley, England. Sokyokushin GB supervised by Branch Chief Prasanna Fernando Sensei. The team was as following:

Krzysztof MacieJczak- Novice Light weight
Jonathan Mendoza- Novice Middle weight
Cezary Zdunek- Novice Heavy Weight
Cezary Zdunek waded this big fighting and was very successful more than expected and he won 4 fights and finally lost in Novice heavy weight final. He was a 2nd place at the Novice heavy weight.
A big number of fighters from Europe countries participated in this Tournament.The Championship was well organized; everything went smoothly and in a very good atmosphere. Big thanks for the British Kyokushinkai. OSU!