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 Life can be challenging. It takes discipline, perseverance, and a positive attitude to succeed in today’s society. Kyokushin Karate provides an ideal environment to develop core life skills that build strength, courage, and character. We provide a stimulating, safe, and fun learning environment for individuals and families at all levels of experience and ability. We emphasize personal growth over time, without judgment or discrimination for any reason. Students who train with us will:

  • Develop physical strength for body health and vitality.
  • Become flexible in body and mind to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Promote mental and physical discipline to persevere through life challenges.
  • Nurture habits and personality traits that enable life success.
  • Build confidence and respect for self, family, and society.

Students benefit from increased stamina, strength, and flexibility as well as greater confidence, self-discipline, and inner peace. Kyokushin members learn from local and international expert instructors from over 160 countries that are part of the International Karate Organization.

 Kyokushin Karate for Kids: Beginning classes for children ages 5 and up are offered  Tuesday and Thursday at 5.30 to 6.00pm.

Beginning Kyokushin Karate for adults  (Men and Woman) are currently offered  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and friday.

Kyokushin training is suitable for all levels of ability, No prior experience is required. Open to children and adults. Families are welcome.

               Dojo (Training Hall) location:

Phone: 0744 303 9485

How to Join l

Schedule of Classes is updated

Classes schedules


Our goal is to offer a flexible schedule so that each person can fit training into their busy lives. Please contact us if you have any questions about class times.

1) We will have a short interview with new members to find out a little about their background and why they are interested in martial arts. Please bring a form photo ID to confirm your identity (e.g. passport, driving license).

2) Annual Membership & Monthly fee for Adults training:

New Member Joining Fee: The Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo is currently open to new members. All members are required to pay an initial membership fee and monthly fee.

From the second month, you must set up a Direct debit for the training fee. The membership fee provides the student with annual membership+personal insurance. Until the membership fee is paid you cannot train, though we are happy for people to watch the class until then.

3) Members must bring shin guards and groin guards (and chest protectors for females). Shin guards must be of the soft cotton variety, hard plastic and leather shin guards are not allowed. If you do not bring protective equipment you may not be permitted to train.

4) A Kyokushin Karate Uniform (Dogi) must be worn when training. These can be purchased through the dojo from Shop Sakura or you can buy your own.  http://kyokushin-fernandodojo.co.uk/shop-sakura/

5) Please arrive at least 15 minutes before training so you are prepared to start on time and can help to clean and set up the dojo.

6) We do not take responsibility for personal belongings such as watches, phones and jewellery.  Please keep these items your bag; you may store them in the dojo while training.

The Dojo booklet contains the dojo etiquette and it is imperative that you follow it.

We are teaching in the authentic Japanese way and all members must show respect to the Dojo , their seniors and instructors.