Our participants from the Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo

April 21, 2017 in Fernando Dojo

Congratulations to Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo members that Competed at the  Kyokushin Cup 2017.


Rehan Fernando- Kumite Age 8,9 category- 3rd place

Sathmi Fernando –Kumite Age 14-16 category, girls open -1st place

Sathmi Fernando –Kata Age under 17 category open – 3rd place











Sathmi Fernando scored her first fight Ippon by Jodan mawashi geri within 10 second and defeated Jodie Robertson(shodan)IKU. Sathmi’s  second fight won against  Ellie Thomas (IKO Sosai Welsh) and final fight won within first round and defeated Ola Ziolkowska(IKO Matsushima Edinburgh ) Sathmi Fernando was great success at the championships and represented  Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo to a very high standard. Osu!