Kyokushinkaikan Sokyokushin Uchi-deshi Seminar 2015, The Netherlands

February 11, 2015 in Fernando Dojo

The Uchi-deshi weekend camp was held by the Kyokushinkaikan Sokyokushin Wildeboer Dojo on Friday 6th February to 8th February 2015 in Sport Arcade, The Netherlands. Hence, this seminar offered Kyokushin adepts this rare opportunity to gain much knowledge from such an experienced Instructors.

This seminar was opened to all Kyokushin Karate groups and in general it was dedicated to standardizing of traditional Kyokushin Karate Kihon, Ido, Kata, Kumite and  attended 70 students from Belgium, Germany, U.K and The Netherlands and Shihan Roel Wildeboer and grading panel leaded an examination from 3 rd kyu to 3rd Dan. Congratulations goes to all grading participants and Sensei Wesly Jansen, Sensei Conchta Jansen, Sensei Gustap Mangundap who passed their 3rd Dan at the Uchi-deshi camp in Sunday 8th February.

It has been seven amazing, inspiring, motivating, fun and priceless sessions which have been spent by the students under the tutorship of Shihan Roel Wildeboer,Shihan Kees Bek,Shihan Christian Snoeckx, Shihan Prasanna Fernando, Shihan Peet Peek,Shihan Nico Waerts, Sensei Donny Lee and Sempai Wasly Jansen.

The seminar was organized by the Netherlands Kyokushinkaikan Sokyokushin led by Shihan Roel Wildeboer 7th Dan.













Our Participants for the Scottish Open 2015

January 30, 2015 in Fernando Dojo

Here is the list of participants who will be representing Scottish Open Karate Tournament on 21st February 2015:

 Daniel Brown – Novice Heavy Weight

Jonathan Mendoza – Novice Middle Weight

Sathmi Fernando – One Match Kumite

Cameron  Skimins – One Match Kumite

Sathmi Fernando

Sathmi Fernando

Cameron  Skimins

Cameron Skimins

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Jonathan Mendoza

Jonathan Mendoza







Merry Christmas and successful New Year!

December 16, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

Please Note

Main Dojo CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS will be on 24th December to 5th January 2015. We will resume on Tuesday 6th January.

Sokyokushin Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo  wish you and your family a merry Christmas and successful New Year!


105539Happy New year!

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and successful New Year!

December 16, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

from Shihan
Dear Dojo members and friends
The dojo will close on the 24th until the 6th of January for Christmas and New Year holidays. We would like to invite you to our Christmas Dinner at Nanakusa japanese Restaurant,Glasgow  on Friday the 19th of December at 8.00 p.m. Please contact Mr.Jonathan Mendoza  to confirm if you’re coming.
It has been a very successful year for Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo SoKyokushin UK. We organised two major events: the International Seminar with Saiko Shihan Hasegawa and the first Kyokushin Cup Open tournament. I hope you gained some experience from these events. I want to contribute something positive for our our members.
This year I also successfully completed my 5th Dan grading in Japan and completed the 50-man kumite. I consider this the true symbol of Budo. My 50-man kumite was for my teachers,family, my dojo members and all of my friends. I appreciate your contribution to the dojo to make us a success.
In 2015 we are planning to run the UK Kyokushin Cup and host Saiko Shihan Hasegawa and Takuma Koketsu (the 2 times world champion and Saiko Shihan’s top student) for an international seminar.
I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and successful New Year!
Yours in Kyokushin Karate
Shihan Prasanna Fernando 

Kids Christmas Party!

December 16, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

15-12-2014 Great evening at the Sokyokushin Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo Kids Christmas Party!

Please Note
Children Dojo CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS will be on 16 th December to 5th January 2015. Osu!



Sensei Prasanna Fernando – 50 Men Kumite, Japan

December 2, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

50 nin Kumite


Prasanna Fernando Branch Chief of the Kyokushinkaikan World Sokyokushin United Kingdom  attended the 50 Men Kumite for his 5th Dan examination and successfully passed the exam for the title of Shihan in 24th November 2014 at the Kyokushinkaikan World Sokyokushin Honbu Dojo,Japan.

congratulations to Saiko Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa,Saiko Shihan Daigo Oishi and Saiko Shihan Eddie Emin for 9th Dan

December 2, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

Osu! A big congratulations to Saiko Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa,Saiko Shihan Daigo Oishi and Saiko Shihan Eddie Emin. We are proud of all your years of dedication, training, teaching and reaching your highest levels of Ku-Dan(9th Dan) Omedetogozai mashta!



23rd November 2014 at the All Japan Open Samurai Cup-Nagoya,Japan

All Japan Open Samurai Cup Championship-Nagoya,Japan

December 2, 2014 in Fernando Dojo



Sensei Prasanna Fernando has been invited by Saiko Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa to Participated as a referee in the All Japan Open Samurai Cup Championship held in Nagoya, Japan was held in 23rd November 2014  at the Nagoya Sports Gymnasium.


Main Dojo Grading on 11-11-2014

November 12, 2014 in Fernando Dojo

Congratulations to the following students who successfully graded for their next belt level in 11th November 2014

Matt Shields 6th Kyu Yellow Belt
Daniel Brown 6th Kyu Yellow Belt
Chris Skaaning 4th Kyu Green Belt
Donogh Maguire 4th Kyu Green Belt
Jonathan Mendoza 4th Kyu Green Belt



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Children Grading on 10-11-2104

November 11, 2014 in Fernando Dojo


14 Children successfully passed their grading held recently at Corpus Christi Dojo, Glasgow was held in 10th November 2014. We hope that the youngsters had a great time!

Thanks to grading panel: Mr.Donogh Maguire  and Mr.Jonathan Mendoza and Corpus Christi dojo organizing committee, parents. Osu!