The Team representing Great Britain at the World Tournament 2016

June 27, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

The Team representing Great Britain at the World Tournament 2016 are:

1.Sathmi Fernando- Competitor/ World Youth
2.Thomas Mechin-  Competitor/ Lightweight
3.Craig Maclachlan- Competitor/ Middleweight
4.Darren Chan- Competitor/ Middleweight

Shihan Iain Rodger- Official Coach

Shihan Prasanna Fernando-Official/Branch Chief

Summer Camp 2016

June 26, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

Date: 23rd ,24th July 2016

Summer Camp &  Kyu and Dan gradings. 


Date: 23rd, 24th July 2016

The schedule will focus on every aspect of Kyokushin Karate in the Japanese way as taught by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama: Kihon,Ido- geiko,Renraku,Kata,Kata Bunkai and Kumite. Most important of all is the friendship and respect maintained over the borders of nationalities and organisations.


Check in at 4.00 pm,  Saturday

Training will be from:

5.00pm to 8.00 pm, Saturday

7am to 3.30 Sunday (Outdoor and Indoor)

Kyu and Dan examination will be from

12.30pm to 3.30 pm, Sunday


University of Stirling



The accommodation is at:

University of Stirling



*All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation*

What to bring: Karate Gi (2 if possible) Training equipment (shin pads, gloves, groin protector etc.)

Seminar fee: £60.00 (Payments: Bank deposit)

 Please contact Shihan Prasanna Fernando or Dojo secretary Jonathan Mendoza by email at:   or         Phone: +07443039485

  We welcome all Kyokushin groups and styles of full contact Karate to attend our camp. Osu!


June 19, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

We are looking to cover their return air tickets from Glasgow to Narita airports and 6 days Hotel accommodation expenses in Shizuoka city.

With your SPONSORSHIP, we are happy to create opportunities to place your company logo on our participants Karate uniforms, T-shirts, Sport suits, Banners, Social media and advertising on our website. If you would like to become a supporter please submit a sponsorship or donation.

Please contact our Dojo Secretary Jonathan Mendoza on 0772441356 or Email:  or Shihan Prasanna Fernando  to discuss these sponsorship opportunities further.

After making your donation please email . Please include your , Email and the amount of your donation so that we may send you a receipt.


Kyokushin Karate International Gasshuku 2016 has been CANCELLED

June 9, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

Kyokushin Karate International Seminar 10th – 12th June 2016 has been cancelled.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Osu!


May 22, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

Tournament results of the Masutatsu Oyama 5th Memorial Tournament, Edinburgh, UK
Thomas Mechin 1st Place Novice Open weight
Sathmi Fernando 2nd Place – Kumite Junior Age16-17
Sathmi Fernando 3rd Place – Kata age 16-17
Great job Thomas and Sathmi! We would like to wish these athletes the best of luck as the 2016 So-Kyokushin World Tournament 2016 in Japan. Osu!

Official poster for the World Tournament 2016,Japan

May 17, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

Kyokushinkaikan So-Kyokushin World Tournament 2016,Japan


May 17, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

”KYOKUSHIN TAMASHI 魂” New DVDs coming soon in June 2016

Traditional Kyokushin Karate performance including Kihon,Ido,Renraku ,Kata and Bunkai
By Shihan Prasanna Fernando(5th Dan)

The Kyokushin Cup 2016 was a great success!

April 14, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

The Kyokushin Cup 2016 the All UK Open Karate Tournament was a great success, in total 46 competitors (children and adults) participated. We had participants from a number of different Karate organisations: Daido-juku,Ashhara Karate,Seishin-Do Karate and Kyokushin Karate.  For the first time we held a Kata tournament as well as a junior kumite championship. We were happy to see strong Budo spirit and good sportsmanship from participants. I’d like to thank everyone who joined us and put their trust in us.

Special thanks to all the instructors who brought competitors, referred and acted as corner judges for the Tournament:Shihan Ian Rodger,Sempai Suraj Bandara,Shihan Metin Tuncay,Sensei Mirek Pawlicki,Sensei Werner Van and Sensei Hardeep. I’d also like to thank all the competitors who did their best on the day.

The Tournament was organised by Kyokushinkaikan SoKyokushin United Kingdom.


Reported by Jonathan Mendoza

Secretary Sokyokushin United Kingdom








Results of the Kyokushin Cup 2016

April 10, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

Results of the Kyokushin Cup 2016 the 3rd All UK Open Karate Tournament

Kata Age 7-13 Open
1st Lara Pawlicka
2nd Rehan Fernando

Kata Age 14-17 Open
1st Sherilyn van Damme
2nd Sathmi Fernando
3rd Nicole Kosman

Kumite Age 7-8 Open (Male)
1st Billy Bratton
2nd Conner Maclean
3rd Rehan Fernando

Kumite Age 9-10 Open (Male)
1st Sergio Natche
2nd Ismaeel Anderson
3rd Soham Sinha

Kumite Age 11-13 Open (Female)
1St Dibya Dahal
2nd Sara MacIntyre
3rd Jessica Graham

Kumite Age 11-13 Open (Male)
1st Arin Tuncay
2nd Dillon Koria
3rd Thushan Sivasothy

Kumite Age 14-15 Open (Female)
1st Elizabete Dzene
2nd Kaitlynne MacLeod
3rd Sherilyn van Damme

Kumite Age 14-15 Open (Male)
1st Sajith Jeyakrishnan
2nd Mohammed Tahir
3rd Abdullah Ahmed

Men Open Weight Category
1st Craig Maclachlan
2nd Oleg Bond
3rd Ian Liddle
4th Thomas Mechin

Best Fighting Spirit Award
Ian Liddle

The 2nd Europe So-Kyokushin Conference and training camp, Denmark

April 7, 2016 in Fernando Dojo

The 2nd Europe So-Kyokushin Conference and training camp, Copenhagen, Denmark from 1st-3rd April 2016 hosted by the Danish Kyokushin Karate Organisation. This conference and training camp will be held under the technical supervision of Hanshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa-President, Hanshi Daigo Ohishi-Vice president, Shihan Roel Wildeboer-IKO Advisor and Shihan Humberto Budtz IKO Advisor,   together with European Representatives.

Shihan Prasanna Fernando, Representative and chief Instructor of the So-Kyokushin United Kingdom invited to attend this occasion.