Welcome to the SBKR Honbu Dojo

Please use the SBKR Student Enrolment Form below in order to register your details. Once you have enrolled we will be able to keep you fully informed of all our classes activities. Furthermore, we can arrange the process of booking your Free taster session.

Please see the link below for the application:

Student Enrolment form for Adult

Student Enrolment form for child


  • We will only accept online applications.
  • New members will be expected to book classes via an online application.

 Annual memberships (12 calendar months) include Club membership, affiliation and insurance. All students must be in good standing with up-to-date membership to train in our Dojo.

Below are the scheduled training days and times:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 to 8.00 pm Kyokushin Karate for Beginners and Seniors.
  • Wednesday 7.30 pm for Beginners.
  • Monday &  Saturday 5.00 to 6.00 pm Children Karate (From age 6 to 15) 


1) We will have a short interview with new members to find out a little about their background and why they are interested in martial arts. Please bring a form photo ID to confirm your identity (e.g. passport, driving license).

2) Annual Membership & Monthly fee for Adults training:
New Member Joining Fee: SBKR Honbu Dojo is currently open to new members. All members are required to pay an initial membership fee and monthly fee.
We will charge a monthly fee of £56.00. This fee will cover 8 classes per month.

Please note: Our first class will be charged £7.00 if a person requests to try a class which must be paid prior to attending training. The £7.00 will be deducted from the monthly fee of £56.00 if you would like to continue to attend training.

From the second month, you must set up a  Standing Order for the training fee. The membership fee provides the student with annual membership+personal insurance. Until the membership fee is paid you cannot train, though we are happy for people to watch the class until then.

3) Members must bring shin guards and groin guards (and chest protectors for females). Shin guards must be of the soft cotton variety, hard plastic and leather shin guards are not allowed. If you do not bring protective equipment you may not be permitted to train.

4) A Kyokushin Karate Uniform (Dogi) must be worn when training. These can be purchased through the dojo from Shop Tamashi.

The Dojo booklet contains the dojo etiquette and it is imperative that you follow it.

We are teaching in the authentic Japanese way and all members must show respect to the Dojo, their seniors and instructors.

Small group and personal training.
Morning and afternoon classes are AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!
Private lessons may be book in advance. £40.00 per hour each in blocks of four. 24 hours notice is required prior to cancellation.

Please contact for more information, Email: budo.karate@yahoo.com
Call us at 07422943308

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